Spam SMS Filter

Spam SMS Filter

Application Description

Spam SMS Filter – Easy to use and simple design to identify spam and unwanted sms!!

Are you tired to delete unwanted Marketing or spam SMSs daily? This App is perfect for you to make yourself free from unproductive scan sms and delete daily. Let allow your phone to decide which sms/content is important for you and which are spam based on your instruction. Spam SMS Filter is assure you to make your experience superior because we have invested our time to research and gather feedback from real users.

App Features

  • Simplest Design

    App design is very simple to understand, this is an USP of this app. No need extra mobile or expert knowledge to operate.

  • Creation of BlackList/WhiteList

    Block by Contents: You can define your own content keyword to make sms blacklisted. Write multiple keywords to make your blocker more strict for a sms or you can make your list of blocked list for individual keyword.

    Block by Sender: Many times marketing senders are not easily identifiable like ‘AM-TRVL’ or ‘IF-HDFC’ etc; you can create your block list based on Sender as well. And let allow your phone to filter those Marketing SMS from real useful sms. It will not even notify you when you receive Marketing SMS.

    This filters will not delete any SMS but it will categorise unwanted sms as Spam. App will not even notify for spam sms. This SMART APP will not make blacklist the sender which are already in your contact list that’s why we are calling, SMART APP.

  • WhiteList

    you can access your whitelist anytime and make it enable or disable for your defined period. As you can set ‘OTP’ keyword is whitelist to make your banking transaction smooth.

  • BlackList

    You can review your complete blacklisted list at one place where you can decide, whether blacklisted is still require to enable or not.I am sure this App is based on highly convenient, non-irritating advertisement principles have made a great impression on the all times best sms blocker App.

Its premium version is ready to deliver a better experience to its user through following user-friendly features
1. Zero Ads Policy
2. Unlimited Blacklist/Whitelist creation Capability

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