Fe Prestashop admin Module and Mobile APP

FE Presta Admin App

FE Prestashop Admin App

Flex Easy Prestashop Admin module and Prestashop Mobile APP for IOS and Android felicitates any prestashop tased commerce store owner easy back office or admin section to management. Prestashop mobile APP and Prestashop module must for store owners as it helps them to manage Prestashop store products, Prestashop store categories, Prestashop store orders, customers, Prestashop storeabandoned cart using your phone.

Just download purchase module for Prestashop addons Market place using below link and Install mobile from plaster or Android.

Prestashop admin mobile APP is free and can be used by any no of user of commerce store.

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Prestashop Admin App Video


FlexEasy Presta Admin App module is the middleware of FE Presta Admin
Android/Iphone App and Prestashop store. You can easily handle your prestashop
admin/back-office using FE Presta Admin mobile app.

Simple Dashboard

Get the summary for orders, trending product, abandoned cart, out of stock products etc in dashboard

Manage orders

You can search the orders and check order details with shipping and customer information, customer address information, payment methods.

Manage products

You can search the products and check product details. Also can edit some of information of product

Manage categories

You can easily view all categories in hierarchical view. You can also edit category.

Manage customers

You can view all customers who have registered into your store. You can also view customer details like view customer, total orders, addresses of that customer.

Manage out of stock products

You can view all product stock information in this section. Either its out of stock or not. And also enable/disable product from this screen.

Mass product’s excluded tax price update

You can update multiple product’s price at once using this screen.

Mass product’s stock update

If want to update multiple product stock in single click then this feature will help you to update stock.

Send mail to customers who have not placed orders

you can send mail to customers who have not placed any order yet since registered.

View best selling products

You can check your most selling product in this screen.

FE Prestashop Admin App - Get The App

The prestashop admin mobile app can be downloaded for free for Android devices and ios devices. You can use the following links to download the mobile app.


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