Accu Auto Backup Module

Accu Auto Backup

Accu Auto Backup Module

Accu Auto Backup is allowed to take backup for database , files and folders. Take backup regularly is very important for future security.
If data loss happens then you can restore it. Accu Auto Backup module process is simple just have to set schedule interval and how many no of copies
want to store. In Accu Auto Backup there is two methods available for taking backups, Linux based hosting having ‘shell_exec’ permission enabled and
windows based hosting you can have only manual option available. All taken backup will store in zip format.


  • Backup your shop database, files and folders.
  • Automatic take backup.
  • Set specific intervals (ex. daily, weekly, and monthly) to start the backup.
  • Backup creating in ZIP format so easily restored it.
  • Determine the number of backup in settings.
  • Delete single or multiple old backups.
  • Backup can download from admin.
  • Module automatically manages copies with the use of Cron.
  • Next scheduled backup time will be shown in cron details.
  • Old backups can be removed if the total number of backups exceeds.
  • Dropbox Cloud Storage
  • Google Drive Cloud Storage
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Backups display grid list


  • Accu auto backup allow you to take backup as per schedule like ( Daily,Weekly,Monthly.. ).
  • All taken backup is stored in zip format, you can download.
  • It will allow you to take backup using two method in which one will be through automation and another have manual.


  • Prestashop 1.5,1.6,1.7 required!
  • Linux based hosting having shell_exec permission enabled.
  • For windows based hosting you can have only manual option avaliable.


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